Our Story

How It All Began

Boy Meets Girl

Ivan Felipe & Ruthie Grace met in 2018, and soon after, became best friends and adventure partners. A love for exploring and trying new things was a common foundation filled with hiking, camping, and more.

The Next Chapter

Our Greatest Adventure

In 2021 Felipe & Grace was founded on a passion for culture, unique handcrafted art, love at home, and opportunity!

Est. 2021

Felipe & Grace



From our home to yours.



Telling the story of our heritage and honoring talented artisans is at the heart of everything we do.


Living The Dream

Felipe & Grace is our American Dream that celebrates prosperity for everyone. From our founding of the company, to the creators of elegant art, and you being able to make a statement in your home.

Land of


Home sweet home.

A Good


Felipe & Grace provide opportunities for artisans to earn an income, giving their families a better life. Children can gain an education, and families can stay together in their communities. We are grateful to be able to play a part in their story. Join us by giving their art the enjoyment it deserves.



Beautiful life.

American Company

We are proud to be an American founded and operated business.

Family Business

Owned and operated by the Felipe & Grace family.

Female Company

Co-Founded by a wonderful woman that inspires success.

Latino Business

We are also proud to be a Latino owned and operated business.