8" Molcajete Volcanic Lava Stone, Pestle and Mortar Set

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Embrace the culinary traditions of Mexico with our 8" Molcajete. Whether you're a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook, this versatile and beautiful molcajete will become an essential tool in your kitchen. Create exquisite salsas, guacamole, spice blends, and marinades with the authentic flavor and authenticity that only a lava rock molcajete can offer.

Diameter: 8" 
Height: 4"
Weight 10.5 lbs

Key Features:

Authentic Volcanic Rock: Carved from natural volcanic rock, this molcajete boasts superior durability and heat resistance, ensuring it stands the test of time in your kitchen.

Sturdy Base: Our molcajete comes with a sturdy base that provides stability during use, ensuring your culinary creations are prepared with ease and confidence.

Enhanced Flavor: The volcanic stone’s rugged surface imparts a unique depth of flavor to your dishes, elevating the taste of your salsas, guacamole, and spice blends to new heights.

Generous Size: With an 8-inch diameter, this molcajete is perfect for small and large batches, accommodating your cooking needs while adding authenticity to your dishes.

Handcrafted Beauty: Each molcajete is a one-of-a-kind piece, showcasing the natural beauty of the volcanic stone and adding rustic charm to your kitchen décor.

Versatile Application: In addition to salsas and guacamole, use it to grind herbs, spices, nuts, and grains or craft unique pestos and marinades.

*Please note you have to 'cure' the stone before using it. Popular techniques to cure your Molcajete vary but are as simple as grinding white rice until it turns gray and then washing it with a stiff brush. We provide care and curing instructions with your order. 

Thank you for your order!

Your purchase supports artisans in Central Mexico. 

Absolutely incredible statement piece! I can't explain how impressive this is.


Pictures do not do justice. It is absolutely stunning! It is perfect.


Exactly as described and beautiful! Very good experience.


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